Call for Open Innovation Program “MOIRe”

Since 2019, we have implemented MOIRe, our open innovation program for drug discovery research based on proposals from academic researchers. We welcome applications from researchers with a great interest in connecting drug discovery technologies to pharmaceutical development.

Call for Research Collaboration “MOIRe”

MOIRe:Mochida Open Innovation Research
Moire means ripple and contains our hope that “We want to create new drugs for broad clinical use starting from promising seeds,” like the ripples from water droplets.

Call for Research Collaboration “MOIRe”

Interest Area for “MOIRe”

  • We invite your proposals for research collaboration on the following interest area this year.
  • Click the button below for displaying the details of interest area.

FY2024 Application Guidelines

Applicant Researchers and research representatives affiliated with public research institutions, universities, etc.
(also including researchers in university-originated venture companies)
Interest area
  • Technologies for oligonucleotide drug discovery
Research proposals We invite your proposals for collaborative research on the following technologies for oligonucleotide drug discovery.
  • Technologies to obtain ligands for the specific tissue delivery of oligonucleotide therapeutics
  • Quantification of oligonucleotide concentrations in biological samples
  • Monitoring the tissue and subcellular distribution of oligonucleotide therapeutics
  • Other drug discovery technologies related to oligonucleotide therapeutics
  • Pulmonary inhalation devices for animal experiments
    For more information, please refer to the interest area.
Research period One year in principle
Research expenses Maximum US$ 50,000 / project
・For researchers affiliated with institutions in Japan, maximum 5,000,000 yen / project(excluding tax)
・The amount is decided for each project after consultation.
Application form Please download the application documents from the link below.
Application method
  • Please submit the application documents with the necessary information to the dedicated email address( In the subject of the email, please specify your institution and applicant name, as in “MOIRe_institution_applicant name”.
  • The application documents should only contain non-confidential information. Please understand that if unpublicized information is included, we cannot take responsibility for maintaining confidentiality and protecting intellectual property rights.
  • Your personal information will not be used for any purposes other than to contact you in connection with the application. Please see “Handling of Personal Information Open new window” on our website for our policy on the handling of personal information.
Application period June 1, 2024 to July 31, 2024
First selection:
Reviews based on application documents
The selection results will be notified by email by end of September 2024.
Second selection:
Reviews by interview
We will conclude a non-disclosure agreement if necessary.
Collaborative research agreement The collaborative research proposals adopted in the final selection will commence after the conclusion of a collaborative research agreement with your research institution.
  • We will not select research proposals that have already been supported by other companies as collaborative research.
  • Please note that we will not respond to inquiries about the facts, contents, and selection status of the application.
Contact us Please direct inquiries to the dedicated email address.