Our Policy for Contracted Manufacturing

Quality, stable supply, and consistency

  • Meeting established standards for quality in the pharmaceutical manufacturing process
  • A highly flexible production system, capable of handling various products of varying quantities
    • Stable operations, customized for the desired project scale
    • Flexibly compatible with serial and automated manufacturing, testing, and packaging processes
  • Secure utility backup
    • A highly reliable backup system consisting of ice thermal and electric storage
  • Highly efficient operation of facilities
    • Integration, sharing, and serial use of the production facilities
  • Fully automated indirect operations such as product distribution
    • Linear relationship between quality and cost

Manufacturing of high-value-added products with state-of-the-art, advanced technologies

  • Preparation technologies for enzyme/protein products
  • Preparation technologies for sterilized products
  • Ability to handle small-scale lots
    • Full automation (up to 2L)
  • Dependable support system
    • Application of all Mochida Pharmaceutical's available resources: research, development, pharmaceutical affairs, and marketing
  • Consistent quality assurance
    • Quality control systems encompass the entire manufacturing process, from receipt of materials to shipment of the final product
  • Reliable manufacturing operations
    • Quality control at various stages such as procurement of materials, drug manufacturing, testing, and packaging

Flexible manufacturing facilities

  • An area of 1150 m2 is available in the injection plant for an independent production line