【Drug development technologies】 Details of the Research Topics

We invite your proposals for collaborative research relating to technologies for stem cell drugs, oligonucleotide therapeutics or gene therapy.

Stem cell drugs

  • Techniques for in vivo or ex vivo cell functional analysis on differentiated stem cells after transplantation.
  • Technologies for improving stem cell implantation at a local administration site or delivering stem cells to a specific target tissue.
  • Technology capable of controlling cell survival after in vivo transplantation.

Oligonucleotide therapeutics

  • DDS technologies for systemic administration that enable delivery to a target tissue (especially the intestinal tract, lung, or skin) with reduced liver transfer rates.
  • DDS technologies to improve cell permeability of nucleic acids.
  • Technologies to reduce hepatotoxicity of nucleic acids.

Gene therapy

  • DDS technologies for non-viral vectors with high gene transfer efficiency.
  • Technologies that enable regulation of target gene expression in vivo.