In 2004, Mochida's Skin Care Product Division was spun off as Mochida Healthcare Co., Ltd. (MHC), which undertakes the development, production, and marketing of skin care products.

Employing its extensive expertise acquired in the development of pharmaceuticals, MHC specializes in areas of dermatology such as care for sensitive skin, antimicrobial personal care, baby care, and nursing products. To ensure that we provide products for our customers that are truly useful, we support the development process with clinical trials in close collaboration with dermatologists. Our products are sold at specialty pharmacies and drugstores, and by mail order.

Sensitive-skin care products

Our dermatological products, including Collage series, a skincare series for delicate skin, Collage soap of a non-irritating soap formulated for each specific skin type, and Collage D Medi Power series moisturizing products for dry skin, enjoy a high reputation among consumers for their effectiveness.

Anti-microbial personal care products

We provide customers suffering from dandruff and itchy scalp with Collage Furfur Next shampoo and rinse, which contain an antimycotic agent, and we are developing this into an antimycotic series including liquid soap.

Baby care products

In the field of baby care products, Skina Babe, having the biggest share in baby bath oil, has continued to protect infants' skin since it was introduced over 40 years ago.

Nursing products

From these early days, we have also been developing products for senior citizens. we markets Skina Fukifuki and Skina Clen, skin cleansing and bed bath products, and Skina Dry Shampoo, a foam type hair shampoo that eliminates the need for rinsing. These products contribute to the betterment of nursing care for the bedridden.