【Technologies for oligonucleotide drug discovery】 Details of Research Topics

We invite your proposals for collaborative research on the following technologies for oligonucleotide drug discovery.

Technologies to obtain ligands for the specific tissue delivery of oligonucleotide therapeutics

  • Applying phage display, ribosomal display or other methods to find peptides including cyclic peptides that bind to specific cell membrane proteins
  • Identifying low molecular weight proteins that bind to specific cell membrane proteins e.g. VHH, low molecular weight protein scaffolds

Quantification of oligonucleotide concentrations in biological samples

  • Developing sensitive and simple assays for oligonucleotide amounts in plasma and tissues

Monitoring the tissue and subcellular distribution of oligonucleotide therapeutics

  • Offering detection methods related to single molecule intracellular imaging
  • Utilizing immunohistological methods such as anti-oligonucleotide antibodies, in situ hybridization, etc.

Other drug discovery technologies related to oligonucleotide therapeutics

Pulmonary inhalation devices for animal experiments

  • Improving and developing devices including nebulizer to reduce loss of administered substances