Research & Development


Mochida Pharmaceutical strives to provide medicines that correspond to patients ongoing requirements as quickly as we can.
We maximize foresight and originality in all processes, based on our unique research and development capabilities and diverse technological know-how cultivated over many years.
In order to make our pharmaceutical research even more efficient, we are enhancing development pipelines by introducing candidate drugs for development at an early stage by promoting “open innovation.”

Open Innovation Drug Discovery

At Mochida, we are engaging in proactive open innovation research to make drug discovery research more efficient, promoting collaborative drug discovery research and applied research of new core technologies with the academia for the purpose of developing pharmaceuticals.


As of February 4, 2022
Code Name Stage Indications Formulation Remarks
MND-2119 ethyl icosapentate Filed Hyperlipidemia Oral In-house development<Japan>
MD-711 treprostinil Filed Pulmonary arterial hypertension Inhalant Licensed-in from United Therapeutics
In-house development<Japan>
MD-0901 mesalazine Phase Ⅲ Ulcerative colitis
(pediatric indication)
Oral Licensed-in from Shire Pharmaceuticals Group (now part of Takeda)
In-house development<Japan>
MLD-55 escitalopram Phase Ⅲ Depression
(pediatric indication)
Oral Licensed-in from Lundbeck
In-house development<Japan>
MD-120 desvenlafaxine Phase Ⅲ Depression Oral Co-development with Pfizer<Japan>
MND-21 ethyl icosapentate Phase Ⅲ Hypertriglyceridemia Oral Collaboration with Sumitomo Pharmaceuticals (Suzhou)<China>
ACT-541468 daridorexant Phase Ⅲ Insomnia Oral Co-development with Idorsia Pharmaceuticals Japan<Japan>
MD-711 treprostinil Phase Ⅱ / Ⅲ Pulmonary hypertension associated with interstitial lung disease Inhalant Licensed-in from United Therapeutics
In-house development<Japan>
[Medical device]
dMD-001 sodium alginate Therapeutic confirmatory study Articular cartilage lesion   In-house development<Japan>
dMD-002 sodium alginate Therapeutic exploratory study Cavernous nerve injury   In-house development<Japan>