1913 Mochida established by Ryokichi Mochida,and started production and marketing of Luestin (antiluetic) and Ogoko (ophthalmic ointment)
1918 Renamed as Mochida Pharmaceutical Company
1930 Pelanin (first estrogen preparation developed in Japan)
1945 Company incorporated
1951 Released Sprase (first hyaluronidase preparation developed in Japan)
1954 Began overseas marketing with exports to Taiwan
1956 Thrombin Mochida (hemostatic enzyme)
1957 Built a research laboratory at Oji Plant
1959 Transferred focus of sales strategy to obstetrics and gynecology
1962 Established the Immunology Division
1963 Listed on the Second Section of the Tokyo Stock Exchange (TSE)
1964 Nobuo Mochida appointed president
Gonavis (Japan's first immunological pregnancy test kit); Kimotab (anti-inflammatory)
1967 Completed Research Laboratory in Oji
1970 Established the Paramedical Division
Gonavislide (pregnancy test kit); Uronase (fibrinolytic); Skina Babe (baby bath oil)
1972 Established the Medical Electronics and Equipment Division
Completed the Shizuoka Plant
1975 Listed on the First Section of the TSE
1976 Completed new headquarters office building at Yotsuya
1978 Received a Noteworthy Invention Testimonial from the Science and Technology Agency for the Medilaser balance-type surgical laser head
1979 Rocornal
1980 Developed monoclonal antibody technology for an immunodiagnostic test Medilaser-S
1981 Signed an agreement with Hayashibara Biochemical Laboratory,Inc., for joint research of interferon α
1982 Completed the Fuji Central Research Laboratory
1983 Established the Mochida Memorial Foundation for Medical and Pharmaceutical Research
1984 Nobuo Mochida awarded the Medal with Purple Ribbon for research on the first surgical laser unit developed in Japan
1985 Ei Mochida appointed president
1986 Florid®-F injection; Grandaxin
1987 Ei Mochida awarded the Medal with Purple Ribbon for R&D activities on an immunochemical diagnostic reagent
1988 Signed an agreement with Taisho Pharmaceutical Co.,Ltd., allowing that company to market Dermarin, an OTC drug for treating dermatomycosis
Collage Soap series; Isoprinosine; IFN α Mochida 500; IFN β Mochida; Diode-laser therapy unit
1989 Finalized agreements with Upjohn Co., for developing and marketing their prostaglandin derivative; with Dojindo Laboratories to develop diagnostic reagents based on FIA
1990 Susumu Watanabe appointed president
Concluded marketing agreement with Matsushita Electric Industrial Co.,Ltd., for the Medilaser-10S fiber-optic carbon dioxide surgical laser unit
Epadel Capsule 300;
1991 Commenced operations at the Otawara Plant
Concluded agreement of an antimycotic agent with Imperial Chemical Industries,PLC
1992 Signed agreements with Ostex International,Inc., for the commercialization and marketing of Osteomark®; with Yokogawa-Hewlett-Packard,Ltd., to market an obstetric care unit
Medilaser-30S; Arasena-A Ointment; Thrombin Oral Fine Granules; Bathquina
Commenced J-MIC (EBM study for Rocornal)
1993 Florid® Oral Gel; Sonotec-IV; Collage Liquid Soap
1994 Additional indication for Epadel(for hyperlipidemia) approved; Miraclid liquid formulation for injection; Sonovista-EX; Medilaser Soft150
1995 Signed agreements with Smithkline Beecham Seiyaku K.K. for the co-marketing of Arasena-A
Hismanal®; Fetal Monitors and the Telemetry System; Sonovista-Color; Sonovista-ET
1996 Signed agreements with Norian Corporation for the development and marketing in Japan of Norian SRS®; and with Dainippon Pharmaceutical Co.,Ltd., for the co-marketing of Epadel in Japan
Commenced JELIS (EBM study for Epadel)
1997 Concluded distribution agreement with Ajinomoto Co.,Inc., for Atelec® (calcium channel antagonist)
Atelec®; Bilmeter-E; DXA-70; Gonastick; Superthermo
1998 Comarketed Dainippon Pharmaceutical's Cetapril® (ACE inhibitor)
Osteomark® ; Amtec; Sonovista-Color II; Medilaser Soft 1000
1999 Naoyuki Mochida appointed president
Additional indications for IFN α (for CML) and IFN β (for SSPE) approved; concluded distribution agreement with Janssen Kyowa Co.,Ltd., for Ortho® 777-28/M-21; licenesed a patent of Fas/FasL (for genetherapy) to Novartis
Licensed a patent Fas/FasL (for screening) to Bristol Myers Squibb
Epadel S 300 and 600; Video Hysteroscope; Hysterofiberscope; Collage Furfur; Miotecter®
2000 Signed agreements with Riken for co-research in structual genomics
TV probe III; Skina Babe Series (renewal); AuDX
2001 Signed agreements with 3M for the development and marketing of Aldara; with Maruishi Pharmaceutical Co.,Ltd. for the co-development and co-marketing of capsaicin
Arasena-A 3% cream; Gonastick 25; Collage Essence
2002 Signed agreements with Aventis Pharma Ltd. for the distribution and co-promotion of Suprecur®; with Lundbeck A/S for the co-development and co-marketing of escitalopram
Established Neutrapharmaceutical business
Spurecur®; Medilaser-RF; Sonovista-ColorFD
Obtained the certification of ISO 14001 for Otawara Plant
2003 Signed agreements with Novo Nordisk for the distribution of Novo-Heparin; with Medix Biochemica Oy and Unitika Ltd. for the distribution of a diagnostic test kit for acute pancreatitis
Started operation of Mochida Medical Systems Co.,Ltd.
Thrombin Mochida Soft bottle; FM2; ABaer Cub; Collage S series;
and a masticatory supplement
2004 Started operation of Mochida Healthcare Co.,Ltd.
Started operation of Mochida Siemens Medical Systems Co.,Ltd.
Epadel S 900; Sonovista-C3000
2005 Started operation of Mochida Pharmaceutical Plant Co.,Ltd.
Sonovista G40; Sonovista G60 S; Collage Furfur Liquid Soap; Collage Furfur S
2006 Sonovista G60 S; Medilaser Soft Pulse 10; Sonovista X500; Sonovista X300; Acuson X300
2007 Signed agreements with JCR Pharmaceuticals Co., Ltd. for co-development and commercialization of a stem cell drug; with Novartis Pharma K.K. for the co-promotion of Diovan® (agreement terminated end of 2008); and with United Therapeutics Corporation for the distribution of Remodulin®.
Beselna Cream 5%
2008 Signed a license agreement with Wyeth Pharmaceuticals for TRPV1 receptor antagonists (agreement terminated 2010).
Dinagest; Divigel®; Collage White Peel
2009 Signed a license agreement with Shire Pharmaceuticals Group plc (U.K.) for LIALDA®.
Gonastick W; Collage Furfur Next
2010 Signed agreement with Fuji Pharma Co., Ltd. for co-development of G-CSF; and with Mitsubishi Tanabe Pharma Corporation for co-marketing of escitalopram.
2011 Signed a license agreement with Merck (MSD outside the United States and Canada) for the potential treatment for type-2 diabetes (agreement terminated 2015).
2012 Fastic®
2013 Collage B.K.AGE; Filgastim BS MOCHIDA; Tramcet®
2014 Atedio®; Collage; Treprost®
2015 Collage Furfur Soap[pink]
2016 Collage Furfur Hair Growth spray; Lialda®
2017 Calprotectin MOCHIDA; Dienogest Tab/OD Tab MOCHIDA
2018 Doxil®; Goofice®; Etanercept BS「MA」; Collage Furfur Premium Shampoo; Movicol®
2019 Collage Repair series; Teriparatide BS「MOCHIDA」
2020 Gonacard W; Urece®; Dinagest
2021 Calprotectin POCT MOCHIDA; Collage Furfur Hair Growth Foam; Adalimumab BS「MA」
2022 Collage Furfur Scalp Shampoo; Movicol®HD; Epadel EM