Research & Development


Mochida's Research Center - targeting diabetes and obesity as its core fields and central nervous system (CNS) as another important field of study - is immersed in efforts to discover and synthesize promising low-molecular weight compounds, using state-of-the-art computer-screening, high-throughput screening, and other advanced methods.


Mochida Pharmaceutical's product development pipelines offer lineups that will greatly enhance our major specialities: cardiovascular medicine, obstetrics and gynecology, dermatology, emergency medicine, and psychiatry. We remain ever committed to the efficient development of new and widely hoped-for therapeutic drugs, to be put to medical use as soon as is safely possible.


As of January 30,2017
Code Name Indications Formulation Stage Remarks
MJR-35 dienogest Adenomyosis Oral Approved Licensed-in from Jenapharm (a subsidiary of Bayer AG)
dysmenorrhea Preparation for Phase III
LBEC0101 etanercept Rheumatoid arthritis Injection Filed Biosimilar
Licensed-in from LG Chem
AJG533 Elobixibat Chronic constipation Oral Phase III Co-development with EA Pharma
LBAL Adalimumab Rheumatoid arthritis Injection Phase III Biosimilar
Licensed-in from LG Chem
RGB-10 Teriparatide Osteoporosis Injection Phase III Biosimilar
Licensed-in from Gedeon Richter
[Medical device]
dMD-001 sodium alginate Articular cartilage lesion   Therapeutic exploratory study (Pilot study)